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Nott-Brunswick Templar Command in Brunswick

It has been long established that the House of Brunswick has held and protected the regional Grand Commanderies throughout Europe. The Dukes of Brunswick have served as regional Grand Commanders, and as National Grand Masters (and Empire wide in Prussia) over the Templars. This has remained since the time of Henry the Lion and His son Otto IV who was Holy Roman Emperor and was the rival King of Burgandy. For more than 900 years the Imperial Princely House of Brunswick has been established Gothian Templar Nobility. In the year 1303 at Süpplingenburg, Braunschweig ,Otto von Brunswick is listed as Comte of the Knights Templars. The House headquarters at Gottingen and later at Wolfenbuettel has served as a Grand Priory for the Templars in Eastern and Western Europe.
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Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel Legal Successors of the Billung Royal Dynastic House of the Goths

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House of Nott-Brunswick

Kings of the Hwicce. Although superceded by larger Kingdoms, the family remained as under-Kings(or more properly “petty kings”), Earls and Lords as being successors of the Hwicce (our ancient Welsh nation) throughout the ages.
Hwicce was a larger area and ancient name for the lands that covered much of England during the time of King Arthur. 

The Nott family (Knut in old German, meaning Royal title), is not only directly descendant of the King Geat (father of the Goths) but also of King Cerdic of the Gewissae (Ancient Saxony). He is the historic King Arthur. Many books have been written comparing Cerdic and Arthur, the Battles etc, proving they are one and the same person.

King Edgar confirmed the Earldom of “Kineton” as belonging to our family as "an eternal inheritance ...". According to the Nobility scholar Dugsdale, William the Conqueror chose to delete and leave out the Kineton Earldom from Domesday Book. Our House Earldom overlapped 7 other rival counties. However, Dugsdale only maps part of our ealier seat (he goes at lengths showing the family defined as Earls at the time of posession) of our family. In the general histories it is recorded to be the seat of "The Court of the King Before the King Himself" for King John, William the Conqueror and Edward the Confessor before it was combined with the government at Westminster. After Oxford this line of our family retired to Kineton. The Royal House of Cnott after the conquest of William, still married the Danish Jarls Royalty. Through one of these marriages these lands of Kineton are recognized from Domesday as passing from Thurkill and Gudmund, who were Earls of East Anglia and Warwickshire. The House of Cnott had to fight many court cases to reclaim the lands back, and were successful through the inheritance of Gudmund's daughter Ailenna. The capital of the Earldom of Kineton (King's seat) after successfully passing in Royal charters to be directly held of our family as Earls, it passed to the descendants of William Earl of Oxinford, and his brothers to Milo and to "Henry le Notte de Kineton" and was enfeoffed to the Feudal Heirs of the Notte/Nott family for several centuries. Up until the suppression of the Knights Templars the Grand Commandery of Balsall was owned by the Nott family. As stated in the land records the Templar commandery "Knights Fee" of Preston Bagot passed from "Thomas de Kington, brother of Henry le Notte", who in 1200 granted much of the lands of Preston Bagot to the monks, then to John le Notte, de Kinton, to Nicholas de Kinton, father of Richard le Notte, to Richard le Notte de Kynton', to Richard le Notte de Kynton', to Thomas Notte, Proctor to the Gild of the Holy Cross (overseer) who in 1305 and 1314 conveyed lands in Solihull and Kington to his son Henry. This Henry in 1332 settled lands in Kington and Lyndon on himself in tail (as Feudal and Knights Templar Enfeoffments), with contingent remainders to his son John, or John's sister Prudence. However, history records the "Knights Fee" of Preston Bagot was stolen from the family, and six Templars were arrested at the Preceptory. It was immediately given to the Knights Hospitallers however, it is evident the House of Nott merely were surpressed as owners,but have continued to act ever since in the spirit of the original Templar charters of these lands that were taken. Thousands more have continued to raise protest for our Templar Commandery in every generation! These have mainly been people of note, and men of the law in England who have kept these Templar traditions going on. 

We continue the Templar’s protest to restore the Temple Balsall Preceptory (GIKT Grand Commandery) to the rightful heirs who hold the original feudal titles of the land before they were illegally stolen by the papacy. It was taken from our family and given to the Hospitallers. It surely was prophetic when King Edgar deeded the lands to us as an “eternal inheritance”.

These titles have also been maintained by displaying and using the family coat of arms. The crest being “the talbot sejeant, ducally gorged, ermine”(an emblazon of a King or petty king). The rest of the arms, the diagonal line or “bend” being for the General Commander of the army(Knight Commander at least) as it is written “azure, a bend through three lions faces, or”(some translations say leopards faces). The three lions faces being also an ancient royal sign.


Hannover illegally tried to ban the marriages of our line, the senior line “Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel” that has exclusive rights over the house of Welf. However, numerous courts and debates were launched against Hannover for their theft of the Brunswick estates and claim to be able to ban the marriages. The righful prince of our line, Imperial Prince Karl II in 1827 made an edict that claimed his uncle the King of England was a "usurper" and did undo all the suppression of our Imperial rights. Although Hanover had been Kings of England for 300 years they had no rights to exert themselves over their senior line of Wolfenbuettel, except a small guardianship was granted during the orphan's young age, yet it was aganist house law for Hanover to take steps to try and end the house. Hannover for 1,000 years has been maintained to be only a Junior branch of the House of Brunswick. Even today Hanover admits they are only a Junior Branch of the Guelphs, and our house of Wolfenbuettel is senior. Immediately the rights of the succession of our family was defended by the Emperor of Austria, the German Federal Government, the Kingdom of France and their local courts, and by the Swiss government. Our cadet line (from America) has held the rights to succeed back into our rights of the living House of Brunswick(Princes in international law), which up until now has remained as an internal rivalry with Hannover. Our line has been suppressed by those who have had the greater resources. This is now changing. `

More about this line and the main male line genealogy:
Imperial Gothian(Odinssons) Exploits in theAmerican Nott Family

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Oels Templar Commandery Ceremonies to be Hosted by House of Nott-Brunswick

The Gothian Imperial Knights Templar hope many more will join us in the upcoming investiture ceremonies and lectures at the Olesnica Castle, Poland. We will be regularly utilizing the Knights Hall for these purposes. This Castle was also home of the last ruling Emperor of Prussia at the end of WWI where he died in exile. It is also the last resting place of our senior line Dukes of Brunswick that were fully recognized worldwide for the Imperial Princely House of Brunswick until 1884 (and now a surpressed cadet branch). This was up until recently the headquarters for the Order of Deaths Head, re-organized under the Prince Wilhem von Brunswick at His Oels castle.
After Napoleon had sacked Brunswick, and killed half a dozen Dukes on various fronts of the war, the Duke retreated there to Oels to recruit Germany's Black Legion. They almost all were recruits from this Slavic German Principality of Oels-Bernstadt. However, this was nothing new. Even to the time of the Templars these all were directly under loyalty and command from our House headquarters first in Gottingen and later in Wolfenbuettel for 900 years.Vast areas of this part of Silesia were given by the regional nobility to the Templars.
It is estimated that half of this large region of land was founded by Knights Templar.
The most well known Templar houses being:
Kalinowa-Kallen, Brožec-Brosewitz, Jawor-Jaworów
Male Jankowice-Jenkwitz, Tempelfeld-Owczany, Frauenhein-Chwalibožice
Rosenhein-Godzikowice, Hennensdor-Osiek, Psary-Hünern
Bakow-Bankau, Hennansdorf-Kowalów , and Güntersdorf-Czestoczice Commandery.
These were all subordinate to the Klein Oels Grand Commandery from the year 1200 which was subordinate to the Brunswick Priory for the greater amount of history. At least from 1303, when Otto von Brunswick became Comtur of the Order of Knights Templar at Süpplingenburg, Braunschweig.
The House of Brunswick to this day have maintained the title in international law, known as "the Prince of Oels". "Brunswick-Oels" is the official spelling on numerous legal patents.
The Kings and Queens of the House of Saxony also co-support this title, which keeps it alive on numerous fronts in international law.
Today this jurisdiction is under the Gothian Imperial Knights Templars. The regional Templar Commandery of Oels answers to the House of Nott-Brunswick, where the Prince-Archbishop ++ Dr. Stephen Michael of BENELUX rules as Elector(Gothian Prince-Bishop) and has revived the Kingdom rivalry over this Holy Roman Burgandian Royalty, where Duke Otto IV of Brunswick was Holy Roman Emperor, and was the King. Currently it is claimed as a Dukedom by King Felipe VI of Spain.
The troops of this region fought in BENELUX under the Commander of Germany's Black Legion, (AKA the Black Duke). He fought at the head of the army which ultimately defeated Napoleon, and He died gloriously in battle at Quarte Bras Belgium.
Together with the Ducal Guard of Brunswick, the Elector Stephen Michael K met at ceremonies at the Wolfenbuettel Castle to promise to revive Germany's Black Legion.
++ Stephen was invited to participate with the Ducal Guard of Brunswick on the 200 year anniversary of the Black Legion. This 200 year anniversary was celebrated by thousands at the event at Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel castle grounds. Medals were awarded to the Guard and participants onsite and to various members enlisted later on in the year. More than 100 men were in full Brunswick Ducal uniform, and half of them with the elite Husar regiment of the Duke's Order of Death's Head.
Thousands who attended were only celebrating for historical reasons, however, many were mourning and petitioning for restoration of the Dukedom. Several Princes, Princesses, Dukes and Barons who attended the event recognized the Guard as the true Ducal guard. These were invited also to be ceremonial guard at weddings and other royal events.
The portion of the Brunswick and Imperial Kingdom that was known as Burgandy is now named in part of the BENELUX Jurisdiction of ++Stephen. On the day of His anointing by the Orthodox Church at Berlin a miraculous event occured. ++Stephen was being anointed and recognized as Prince within the American Orthodox Church. It was the same day the regional highest Roman Catholic Archbishop of the Netherlands was sacked from office by 300 churches who signed a letter to the Pope, demanding He be dethroned and make way for an Orthodox priest. It was the biggest news on TV and radio. The Archbishop of Utrecht was ceremonially and officially dethroned, and Elector Abp. Stephen was installed at the same moment. They announced the older head of the regional church was no longer their leader. However, he is still in posession of some church grounds.
This was a sign from heaven that God wills it (DEUS VULT). For these and many more confirmed reasons we think the BENELUX Grand Commandery is best served by such an active leader from the House of Brunswick (cadet branch). Elector Abp. Stephen is the Grand Commander and co-equal Elector of the many state Electors within the Gothian Empire.
Who are the Gothian Imperial Knights Templars? We are a neo Templar organization, meaning that, like the most earliest Templars we believe that Guarding Christian ceremonies, lands, holy sites, and processions (or Christendom in general) is the most vital part of the order. The (GIKT) Constitution reflects these most vital matters of our order. We protect Christianity at home, and later to once again to protect it at Jerusalem. We are Orthodox, meaning we follow the Daily Divine Services that are established in Christendom.
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The Gothian Tribes and Imperial Kings

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older article may not be reading correctly in all internet browsers, is as follows:

Historians around the world have classified the major race of Goths or Scythians as broadly as they do as using the term "Caucasian" (ie description of those tribes from the Caucasus mountains of Asia = Cauc-Asian). Most all agree the ancient root of Goths 1100BC onwards. It is preserved as a larger cultural name up until as many high cultural items are broadly called "GOTHIC", ie ................."Gothic Cathedrals, Art, Fashion, Jewelry, Architecture, Wars, Nobility, Monarchs, Religion, Language, Dialects, Tribes, and many names of Ecclesiastical, Civil and National and Jurisdictions,  "..................

"Scythian Goths" has remained to be a major name for all twelve tribes of Israel in several larger groupings. No matter where they immigrated (of which we have several conclusive charts and books), the Gothian tribes were all originally called Scythians. The migrations over the last few millennia has included still some utilizing the ancient naming with the word "goth" in the name of the nation.

It has also been a Patryonomic and Royal name as a name of the descendants of King Gaut as founding the ruling tribe of the Goths. His name did also leave a mark of the name of the nations his descendants ruled over, North, South, East and West. In other House articles we demonstrate the numerous supports of this Imperial aspect of the Kings of the Goths, as not restricted to land, but by blood inheritance worldwide.

The ruling tribes are often still considered somewhat foreign to the main tribes, but are their rightful rulers nevertheless. As following with all European tradition, the Kings and Queens were often not from the host country but are fully acknowledged to be the rightful successors of the national thrones and lands. This is the same with the Gothic nations. One of the main branch lines of the House of Nott(Cnott) demonstrates this fact. Such a naming convention is much more visible in the royal houses genealogies.

Nationally the name "Goths" may be found to be demonstrated (though isn't the sole factor in identifying Gothic nation). Some of these names are Gotingen, Gotaland, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Geats, Getae, and other successive names of the land of Scythia and their Goths. These are just a few of the many names tribally and nationally which have preserved this larger tribal name. However the "name" "goths", such as so styled thusly on maps etc, only covers about 10% of  the more widely acknowledged Gothic nations ie Scotland's Declaration of Abroath etc.
The Scottish Declaration of Independence fought for so hard by warriors such as Robert the Bruce and William Wallace includes the phrases that their tribe of Goths came originally from near the Black Sea, and were converted directly by Saint Andrew (the first and most senior apostle, rather than Peter). The year of their migration is listed, exactly when the 10 tribes escaped Assyrian captivity.

Along with Robert the Bruce, eight Scots earls and 38 barons attached their seals to this, Scotland's most precious possession. It was legally recognized by all, including copies sent to the Pope, undisputed.

Longshanks stole the throne of King David of Israel, from Robert the Bruce's father. Since then all coronations of England are done on Israel's literal throne brought over by Jeremiah the prophet. There is much more well documented history on these facts in numerous nations. The impacts are far reaching for our Imperial Scythian Gothic (true Israel) claims.

 Scotland's Declaration of Independence

Very few know Scotland as a Gothic nation, Spiritually, Nationally, Religiously, and of their Nobility. This proves that the point that although they have these many internationally recognized confirmations, the nations will not always bear the name "Goths". Neither will the nations always claim the name of their nobility to be exactly Gothian. While one nation may forget to use the name "Gothic" in their titles, there are still always half a dozen other monarchs using the name Gothic in their titles, thus keeping such principle fully alive and active.

Gothian kings are well recorded as being of the tribe of Judah, and the Kings over nearly every European nation in every generation (some temporary exceptions). As it says there will always be the one tribe judah mixed among all the twelve tribes of Israel. YAHWEH has promised that Judah would be the ones having the scepter and anointing to rule over the other tribes. Also that they would bring the gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world. It says they would be the richest nations of the whole earth, by God's promise as was realized through the legal rights of His Son Jesus the Christ, as given to no other people's in such abundance. This was so we would minister, bless and give a good witness to the other nations that God (the God of Israel) will save them and put the earth (and Universe) back into order.

Ninety percent of the time the nations of Goths have taken on new names other than Goths. Even as it says the Israelites would be called by new names , ie "Christians" and no longer called Israelites.

*****Abraham Ortels (Ortelius) (1527-1598), the Flemish-born, German cartographer and geographer (who produced the first modern atlas) and court geographer for Philip II of Spain recorded, "The ten tribes of Israel took the name Gauthei, which means the people of God. The name Gauthei was later changed to Goth."
MANY MORE AUTHORITATIVE HISTORICAL QUOTES are documented linking the Israelites to the Scythian Gothic Christian Nations of East And West, in the book "Uncovering the Mysteries.." by Balaicius. and in the book by Steven Collins "The Lost 10 Tribes of Israel... Found!"******

We have many ancient Imperial claims intact as noble successors of the ruling tribe of the Scythian Goths. These Imperial claims have flourished although have remained unclaimed in their purpose for some generations. The Family and Priestly rights, duties and powers are immense. These Imperial rights were also recognized by Egypt when they sent us the Princesses to Scotland.

The successor Priests and Monarchs have only enjoyed a portion of these rights since the last King Knut of Denmark. Like most Trojan descended nobility, they were recognized by Egypt and numerous other nations as stemming from Scythian Goths.

Most agree that Scotland was named after the Egyptian Princess Scota who married the King of Scotland. However we have at least 2,500 years of established Imperial and Davidic power in Ireland. It is also recorded that Princess Tea Tephi, who was brought over by Jeremiah the Prophet ( Ollamh Fodhla, AKA Iarbanel in the ancient annals) as the Scriptures say Jeremiah did indeed "transplant the kingdom" and bring David's throne "North and West" to rebuild the Kingdom and Priesthood. He did so successfully in 500AD. So there were plenty of other Kindred Royal tribes for the Scottish Gothian people to marry.

Our Culdee priests are successors of this 500BC priesthood of Jeremiah and Baruch of Ireland. The literal throne of David had two more overturns (all this mentioned is official history, and Jeremiah's dated grave/tomb pyramid is part of Ireland's history). .

John Nott(Orthodox Culdee Prelate of Glastonbury), of the House of Nott, signed and defended America's First Document of Independence

The House of Nott set the legal groundwork which gave Connecticut the name "the Constitution State" for being the first to claim independence from all worldly powers. Later this text of Judge John Nott was adopted in every colony within their Articles of Perpetual Confederation. For centuries these American Colonies included the text of the sole aim of American States. It defines our Perpetual Union thusly:

" and the same end and aim, namely, to advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and to enjoy the liberties of the Gospel in purity with peace. ..."

Before John Nott's ancient court of Hartford/Wethersfield Connecticut, and at Glastonbury, there was no legal basis for any independence claims within America. It was only upon this legal basis of the first Constitution, the "Fundamental Orders of Connecticut", ratified in 1639 that America could lawfully claim independence rights from Britain. The proof that the text remained centuries longer, further solidified this legal basis of American independence from all wordly powers. However it was only in this first one drafted by Judge John Nott, at his court, near Glastonbury (a land he governed at Connecticut) which made no reference to any earthly powers, but solely the Kingdom of Jesus the Christ. Ever since this definition of our union (as being Christ's Kingdom) was fully adopted within all states, it has remained the only union in America as it says it is "perpetual" or un-ending. This makes no difference whether successive governments standing upon this foundation have said they strive to "perfect this sole perpetual union". All successive governmental documents refer back to the original perpetual union that was long established only for Jesus the Christ and His Kingdom to advance.

Many did not know Judge John Nott was successor of the only Glastonbury Monk, John Nott, who refused to sign over the Abbey of Glastonbury over to Henry VIII, and raised formal petitions.

More information:
Glastonbury Apostolic See Gave America Independence

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The following has been delivered to the Ukrainian Government:


I believe my Royal plan, fully lawful in international law, inheritance, etc, is the only solution. This comes from Europe and will increase the bonds for Ukraine and Russia culturally while enriching itself with older European connections. I believe it will make way for the least ammount of casualties and for the restoring honour, and love for all parities attached to Ukraine. My two authentic PDF's for immediate implementation are attached. I can fly to Kiev at a moment's notice.

Thanking you for urgently forwarding this to the Ukrainian President (with any needed translation)! We will quickly have full surrender and relocation of all who have acted outside the law to come under the stated reconstruction plans. I will only need to win over a few of the leaders, of which I have a plethora of material, even for the most radical to be pacified. I think it will be quickly accepted by all sides.

I, Rev. Stephen Michael K. may be reached for immediate negotiation activities at  **(in original) or mobile **(in original) , or via email at .
I welcome the full authentication of this letter and any in person meetings to be held immediately with any representative of Ukraine in Kiev or at the Hague, Germany, or any location of your preference.

My grandfather who came to America did the same for the state of Connecticut's opening years, and his fathers did the same in Europe so many times we lost count. This will be nothing new for my family.

Your Kiev Rus lawful prince is at your service always. Above all, promoting peace, law and order.

Prince Stephen Michael K,
House of Cnott